Henk de Bouter (Driebergen-Rijsenburg, 27 November 1968) is a Dutch artist, painter and graphic artist.

Henk de Bouter was educated at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design of the HKU in Utrecht (1993-1994) and at the Academy of Art in Rotterdam (1994-1998). He works under his own name, but also from about 2000 under the pseudonym “LINK” with the international art movement of the Toyists from Emmen/Groningen.

Around 2000 he took over the art screen printing company of “Dettmeijer and Van Eijk” from artist Simone Dettmeijer and artist Frans van Eijk, from whom he learned how to print. De Bouter makes art and screen prints for and together with other artists.

In 1998 Henk de Bouter won the Buning Brongers Prize, a prize that has been awarded every two years since 1966. Earlier in 1989 he had won the 3rd prize at the Concours Artistique Bergen. In 2003 he was nominated for Artist of the Year.

Henk de Bouter’s paintings originate from the impressions and knowledge he previously acquired during his technical training. During his studies at the Rotterdam academy, the influence of the computer on people and society became an increasingly important subject in his work. In his work, De Bouter regularly makes the link with the new media and their technical aspects. He also looks for new technologies that could lead him to make a painting or object.

With his “Atelier Henk de Bouter”, various galleries and the Toyists, his works have been exhibited in several countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, the United States and various places in Asia. His work is included in collections and museums, galleries, companies, private individuals and various art lending centres.

Assignments (selection)
1998, 2001 indoor situations, Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam
2000 graphic assignment, Friends of the Sophia Children’s Hospital Foundation, Rotterdam
2001 graphic assignment, The treasures of North / Art and Welfare Foundation, Rotterdam
2001 The treasures of North, Art and Welfare Foundation Rotterdam
2002 Children’s carousel, Hoorn
2002 Communart, Amsterdam
2003 Children’s carousel, Hoorn
2004 Family home Daniel den Hoed (hospital)

1995 Schröder Foundation Gallery, The Hague
1995 Living Art Box Gallery, Amsterdam
1996 Art and Interdesign Gallery, Hattem
1996 International Art Fair Mechelen (Belgium)
1996 Living Art Gallery, KunstRai, Amsterdam
1996 Schröder Foundation Gallery, The Hague
1997 100 young Dutch painters on Ameland
1997 Grosse Kunst Ausstellung Düsseldorf (Germany)
1998 Buning Brongers foundation De Zaaijer, Amsterdam
1999 KunstHal, Rotterdam
1999 Rotterdam Central Library, Rotterdam
1999 CBK Rotterdam expo new acquisitions, Rotterdam
2000 Grosse Kunst Ausstellung Düsseldorf (Germany)
2000 Galerie Schröder Foundation, KunstRai , Amsterdam
2000 Gallery 2000, Thea Linschoten Foundation, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
2001 Galerie Schröder Foundation, The Hague
2001 Galerie Schröder Foundation, La Pommerie, Saint Setiers (France)
2001 Galerie Schröder Foundation, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam / KunstRai, Amsterdam
2002 Flex- expo Wageningen
2002 Grosse Kunst Ausstellung Düsseldorf (Germany)
2003 National KunstGala exhibition Jaarbeurs Utrecht nominated artists Artist of the year, Utrecht
2003 TopArt, 2003 Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Utrecht
2003/04 Touring exhibition Gallery Heden (Netherlands)
2004 NewSpace Art Gallery Eindhoven
2020 Expo Only CBK Rotterdam Rotterdam